Unexplained infertility

   About 1 in 3 infertile couples are told that they have unexplained infertility, when all the tests come back as normal. This is often very frustrating for the couple as they think if the doctor does not know what is wrong then the right treatment could not be offered. We understand how frustrating that situation is for the couple and there are a number of things that could be done.

   Firstly we will review all the tests that the couple have had and assess if anything else needs doing. Some times, significant tests have been inadvertently missed or up to date methods have not been used.

  Secondly, even if after thorough assessment no cause is found, we have a lot of experience in managing such cases. There are a number of proven treatments that could increase the chances of pregnancy, ranging from fertility tablets to intra-uterine insemination and test-tube baby technique (IVF). Of course there are many tests and treatments that may be on offer but with no proof of benefit, and our consultants will be able to expertly advise you on all those points.

   Finally, many couples with unexplained infertility have a good chance of getting pregnant naturally, and the chance depends on many factors such as age and duration of infertility. Our consultants will advise you on your chance of getting pregnant naturally and with treatment.