Cryo preservation

     Life source clinic seeks to offer medical services of the highest international standards for its patients. We are often faced with the issue of surplus embryos, at which point Life source clinic  team is ready to advise the couple: What should we do with these surplus embryos? Would you prefer freezing them? The advice depends on the number of embryos, their category, and location of the couple's residence. If surplus embryos were from first or second category cells, we advise the couple to resort to freezing. But, if surplus embryos are of the third or fourth category, we don't recommend freezing, as embryos won't tolerate the freezing process.

     What are the benefits of freezing embryos?

a) In case your operation succeeded and you wish to repeat the process once again, all you need is a brief visit to the centre to transfer the frozen embryos, and your husband's presence is not necessary in that case.

b)In case your previous operation did not succeed, you can come back to transfer frozen embryos at a later time, without repeating all the previous stages.

c) The process of freezing embryos is of great value when the husbands circumstances are involved , where he may be committed to a job that does not permit him to travel or visit the center, whereby the wife needs only to visit the center to transfer embryos.

  The centre strives to create a freezing unit in its laboratories in order to decrease the physical, emotional and financial strain caused by the experience, since couples do not have to pay for previous stages of egg extraction, hormone injections, and laboratory tests. As for frozen embryos' transfer charges, it is far more economical compared to other steps of the project.

   The centre keeps frozen embryos for years, as long the couple request it, and as long as they are still married, or if either or both pass away.